Lyndon B. JohnsonDDG 1002ZumwaltChristened Apr '19 Bath, ME
Daniel InouyeDDG 118Arleigh BurkeLaunched Oct '19 Bath, MEHonoluluDec 2021ClickClick
Carl M. LevinDDG 120Arleigh BurkeChristened Oct '21 Bath, MEBaltimore 2023ClickClick
John BasiloneDDG 122Arleigh BurkeLaid Down Jan '20 Bath, ME
Harvey C. Barnum Jr.DDG 124Arleigh BurkeUnder Construction Bath, ME 2024
Louis H. Wilson, Jr.DDG 126Arleigh BurkeUnder Construction Bath, ME
Patrick GallagherDDG 127Arleigh BurkeUnder Construction Bath, ME
William CharetteDDG 130Arleigh BurkeUnder Construction Bath, ME
Quentin WalshDDG 132Arleigh BurkeUnder Construction Bath, ME
John E. KilmerDDG 134Arleigh BurkeAnnounced Bath, ME
Thad CochranDDG 135Arleigh BurkeAnnounced
Richard G. LugarDDG 136Arleigh BurkeAnnounced
[ Unnamed ]DDG 138Arleigh BurkeAnnounced
ColumbiaSSBN 826ColumbiaAnnounced Groton, CT
WisconsinSSBN 827ColumbiaAnnounced Groton, CT
OregonSSN 793VirginiaChristened Oct '19 Groton, CTPortland, ORMar 2022ClickClick
Hyman G. RickoverSSN 795VirginiaChristened Jul '21 Groton, CT Click
IowaSSN 797VirginiaUnder Construction Groton, CTIowa ClickClick
IdahoSSN 799VirginiaUnder Construction Groton, CT
UtahSSN 801VirginiaUnder Construction Groton, CT Click
TangSSN 805VirginiaAnnounced Groton, CT
SilversidesSSN 807VirginiaAnnounced Groton, CT
[ Unnamed ]SSN 809VirginiaAnnounced Groton, CT
[ Unnamed ]SSN 811VirginiaAnnounced Groton, CT
ConstellationFFG 62ConstellationAnnounced Marinette, WI 2026
CongressFFG 63ConstellationAnnounced Marinette, WI
ChesapeakeFFG 64ConstellationAnnounced Marinette, WI
Minneapolis-St. PaulLCS 21FreedomChristened Jun '19 Marinette, WIDuluth, MN Click
CooperstownLCS 23FreedomDelivered Feb '20 Marinette, WI
MarinetteLCS 25FreedomChristened Nov '21 Marinette, WI
NantucketLCS 27FreedomChristened Aug '21 Marinette, WI
BeloitLCS 29FreedomUnder Construction Marinette, WI
ClevelandLCS 31FreedomKeel Laid Jun '21 Marinette, WI
SavannahLCS 28IndependenceUnder Construction Mobile, ALSavannah, GA
CanberraLCS 30IndependenceUnder Construction Mobile, AL
Santa BarbaraLCS 32IndependenceChristened Oct '21 Mobile, AL
AugustaLCS 34IndependenceUnder Construction Mobile, AL
KingsvilleLCS 36IndependenceUnder Construction Mobile, AL
PierreLCS 38IndependenceUnder Construction Mobile, AL
John F. KennedyCVN 79Gerald FordChristened Dec '19 Newport News, VA
EnterpriseCVN 80Gerald FordUnder Construction Newport News, VA 2027
Doris MillerCVN 81Gerald FordUnder Construction Newport News, VA 2030
[ Unnamed ]CVN 82Gerald FordAnnounced Newport News, VA
MontanaSSN 794VirginiaUnder Construction Newport News, VA
New JerseySSN 796VirginiaChristened Nov '21 Newport News, VA Click
MassachusettsSSN 798VirginiaUnder Construction Newport News, VA
ArkansasSSN 800VirginiaUnder Construction Newport News, VA
OklahomaSSN 802VirginiaUnder Construction Newport News, VA
ArizonaSSN 803VirginiaAnnounced Newport News, VA
BarbSSN 804VirginiaAnnounced Newport News, VA
WahooSSN 806VirginiaAnnounced Newport News, VA
[ Unnamed ]SSN 808VirginiaAnnounced Newport News, VA
[ Unnamed ]SSN 810VirginiaAnnounced Newport News, VA
Frank E. Petersen Jr.DDG 121Arleigh BurkeChristened Jul '18 Pascagoula, MS
Lenah H. Sutcliffe HigbeeDDG 123Arleigh BurkeChristene Apr '21 Pascagoula, MS
Jack H. LucasDDG 125Arleigh BurkeUnder Construction Pascagoula, MS
Ted StevensDDG 128Arleigh BurkeUnder Construction Pascagoula, MS
Jeremiah DentonDDG 129Arleigh BurkeUnder Construction Pascagoula, MS
George M. NealDDG 131Arleigh BurkeAnnounced Pascagoula, MS
Sam NunnDDG 133Arleigh BurkeAnnounced Pascagoula, MS
BougainvilleLHA 8AmericaUnder Construction Pascagoula, MS 2024
Fort LauderdaleLPD 28San AntonioChristened Aug '21 Pascagoula, MS Click
Richard M. McCoolLPD 29San AntonioUnder Construction Pascagoula, MS
HarrisburgLPD 30San AntonioUnder Construction Pascagoula, MS
PittsburghLPD 31San AntonioAnnounced Pascagoula, MS
John F. LehmanDDG 137Arleigh BurkeAnnounced Pascagoula
John L. CanleyESB 6ESBUnder Construction San Diego
Robert E. SimanekESB 7ESBAnnounced San Diego

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