ArkansasSSN 800VirginiaAnnouncedNewport News, VA 2023
BillingsLCS 15FreedomKeel Laid Nov '15Marinette, WI
BougainvilleLHA 8AmericaAnnouncedPascagoula, MS
Carl M. LevinDDG 120Arleigh BurkeAnnouncedBath, ME 2020
CharlestonLCS 18IndependenceAnnouncedMobile, AL
CincinnatiLCS 20IndependenceAnnouncedMobile, AL
ColoradoSSN 788VirginiaChristened Dec '16Groton, CT 2017ClickClick
ColumbiaSSBN 826ColumbiaAnnouncedGroton, CT
CooperstownLCS 23FreedomAnnouncedMarinette, WI
Daniel InouyeDDG 118Arleigh BurkeUnder ConstructionBath, ME 2018
DelawareSSN 791VirginiaAnnouncedNewport News, VA
Delbert BlackDDG 119Arleigh BurkeAnnouncedPascagoula, MS 2019
EnterpriseCVN 80Gerald FordAnnouncedNewport News, VA 2021
Frank E. Petersen Jr.DDG 121Arleigh BurkeAnnouncedPascagoula, MS 2021
Gabrielle GiffordsLCS 10IndependenceDelivered Dec '16Mobile, AL 2017
Gerald R. FordCVN 78Gerald FordChristened Nov '13Newport News, VAMichigan ClickClickClick
Harvey C. Barnum Jr.DDG 124Arleigh BurkeAnnouncedBath, ME 2024
Hyman G. RickoverSSN 795VirginiaAnnouncedGroton, CT
IdahoSSN 799VirginiaAnnouncedGroton, CT
IndianapolisLCS 17FreedomUnder ConstructionMarinette, WI
IndianaSSN 789VirginiaUnder ConstructionNewport News, VA
IowaSSN 797VirginiaAnnouncedGroton, CT
Jack H. LucasDDG 125Arleigh BurkeAnnouncedTBD
John BasiloneDDG 122Arleigh BurkeAnnouncedBath, ME 2019
John F. KennedyCVN 79Gerald FordUnder ConstructionNewport News, VA 2020
John FinnDDG 113Arleigh BurkeDelivered Dec '16Pascagoula, MS 2017
Kansas CityLCS 22IndependenceAnnouncedMobile, AL
Lenah H. Sutcliffe HigbeeDDG 123Arleigh BurkeAnnouncedPascagoula, MS 2024
Little RockLCS 9FreedomLaunched Jul '15Marinette, WI 2017Click
Louis H. Wilson, Jr.DDG 126Arleigh BurkeAnnouncedTBD
Lyndon B. JohnsonDDG 1002ZumwaltUnder ConstructionBath, ME 2018
ManchesterLCS 14IndependenceUnder ConstructionMobile, AL
MarinetteLCS 25FreedomAwardedMarinette, WI
MassachusettsSSN 798VirginiaAnnouncedNewport News, VA
Michael MonsoorDDG 1001ZumwaltChristened Jun '16Bath, ME 2017
Minneapolis-St. PaulLCS 21FreedomAnnouncedMarinette, WI
MontanaSSN 794VirginiaAnnouncedNewport News, VA
New JerseySSN 796VirginiaAnnouncedNewport News, VA
OaklandLCS 24IndependenceAnnouncedMobile, AL
OmahaLCS 12IndependenceChristened Dec '15Mobile, AL
OregonSSN 793VirginiaAnnouncedGroton, CT
Paul IgnatiusDDG 117Arleigh BurkeUnder ConstructionPascagoula, MS 2018
PortlandLPD 27San AntonioLaunched May '16Pascagoula, MSPortland, OR 2018Click
Rafael PeraltaDDG 115Arleigh BurkeChristened Oct '15Bath, ME 2017
Ralph Johnson 114Arleigh BurkeLaunched Dec '15Pascagoula, MS 2016
Sioux CityLCS 11FreedomLaunched Jan '16Marinette, WI 2017
South DakotaSSN 790VirginiaUnder ConstructionGroton, CT
St. LouisLCS 19FreedomAnnouncedMarinette, WI
Thomas HudnerDDG 116Arleigh BurkeUnder ConstructionBath, MEMassachusetts Bay 2018
TripoliLHA 7AmericaUnder ConstructionPascagoula, MS 2018
TulsaLCS 16IndependenceChristened Feb '17Mobile, AL
UtahSSN 801VirginiaAnnouncedGroton, CT
VermontSSN 792VirginiaAnnouncedGroton, CT
WashingtonSSN 787VirginiaDelivered Feb '17Newport News, VABremerton-Olympic PeninsulaMarch 25, 2017ClickClick
WichitaLCS 13FreedomLaunched Sep '15Marinette, WI
[ Unnamed ]DDG 127Arleigh BurkeAnnouncedTBD
[ Unnamed ]SSN 802VirginiaAnnouncedNewport News, VA
[ Unnamed ]SSN 803VirginiaAnnouncedGroton, CT
[ Unnamed ]SSN 804VirginiaAnnouncedNewport News, VA
[ Unnamed ]SSN 805VirginiaAnnouncedGroton, CT
[ Unnamed ]SSN 806VirginiaAnnouncedNewport News, VA
[ Unnamed ]SSN 807VirginiaAnnouncedGroton, CT
[ Unnamed ]SSN 808VirginiaAnnouncedNewport News, VA
[ Unnamed ]SSN 809VirginiaAnnouncedGroton, CT
[ Unnamed ]SSN 810VirginiaAnnouncedNewport News, VA
[ Unnamed ]SSN 811VirginiaAnnouncedGroton, CT
[ Unnamed ]SSN 812VirginiaAnnouncedNewport News, VA
[ Unnamed ]SSN 813VirginiaAnnouncedGroton, CT
[ Unnamed ]SSN 814VirginiaAnnouncedNewport News, VA
[ Unnamed ]SSN 815VirginiaAnnouncedGroton, CT
[ Unnamed ]SSN 816VirginiaAnnouncedNewport News, VA

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